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 What if we took notes at work knowing that we had to share those notes with talented people we admire and trust? People who matter, because they can have an impact on your career — the kind of people who can sniff out BS in an instant. 

Would you take better notes? Would you vet your thoughts and check your facts?

What if you kept a PPT or Keynote document full of one-pagers? One-page slides that you could look at for 2 minutes and be ready to have an intelligent conversation about? This workflow of taking notes as if you had to present them makes good sense for a couple of reason.

  • Knowing that someone, as smart of smarter than you will see these notes, takes your efforts and comprehension to the next level.
  • You’ll create a catalog of knowledge that can be merged into new ideas and you’ll connect the dots instead of just collecting the dots.

Why would you spend time learning about something only to let it fade into the recesses of our minds where thoughts are lost, and ideas fade into sentences that end with “and stuff… you know… blah blah blah?”

Take the time to fill one page full of the essential details on a subject that is likely to be useful later. Better yet, skip the process of turning sloppy notes into prepared slides by making one-pager slides as your notes.
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 However, don’t forget the sharing part. Do it all with the idea that you might show this to your CEO, and it has to make sense, look good and represent the best you. 

Update: I recently saw this post by Seth Godin that speaks about the many reasons you might want to have a podcast, which is very similar to what I’m doing with

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