What if training looked more like Netflix?

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There is a significant disconnect between the way we interact with media in the real world and how we interact with media in the corporate world.

Why should we dumb-down accepted media interactions to use them in our day-to-day jobs? What if finding training was as easy as finding a series on Netflix to binge-watch.
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I decided to dedicate an hour of my time – absolutely no more than an hour for “reasons” that I’ll write about one day) – to see what that might look like in a quick and dirty mock-up using content from my personal site at CameronStewart.com where you can see the actual videos depicted here. But, for this purpose, it’s just a mock-up for visual reference.

A simple layout that is easy to navigate and intuitively understood. Featured here on the home page is training curated just for you by your data and use of the system. Or, maybe, some mandatory training to keep us all in compliance. If you were to hover over the image, you could watch a short trailer of the training content. Almost everyone knows how to use Netflix, so why not leverage that hard work that has already been done for us?
If you were to choose the featured training, you’d be presented with a clean screen that hooked you on why you should take this training, how long it will take, and two simple buttons. Play it now, or save it for later.
Had you scrolled down, you’d be presented with the most popular titles, followed by categorized collections (by type, creator), and “just for you” selections.
The more you scroll, the more we learn about your interests. Perhaps you’re looking to find some “reskilling” content? If so, have we ever got some nudging for you.

While this may seem plain and obvious, ask yourself why it’s not happening?

 The modern LMS is still modeled after traditional media collections like libraries and database front-ends. But, a mobile-first, fluid interface is all a learner really needs. The real magic is in the data, behind the scenes learning about you and nudging you in the direction of your interests + your companies requirements.  
Regarding the hour limit to create this concept visually. No early mock-up should take more than an hour before you vet your ideas with other eyes, which is what I’m doing here. Here’s what the XD artboards look like for reference. Four basic screens using simple shapes with repeat grids and existing content.

Big ideas are just ideas. If you’re stuck in a legacy system, you’ll have to fight your way out, and that takes both time and money. When you get the green light to make this leap, don’t compromise on tech, and be sure to spend the time it takes to get it right. Make it awesome. Make it evergreen.

This, like all ideas, is a collision of ideas that sparked a new idea. These are the primary References and Resources:
  • Netflix.com
  • Adobe XD
  • Every LMS, Ever.

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