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Books, podcast, videos and inspired thoughts from the week that was.

Imagine watching your favorite movie. Now, Imagine that movie without a soundtrack. Strange right? So it’s fair to think that having a soundtrack for life, or at least a soundtrack for work would make it even better. It could help you go deep, get inspired, dream big and find focus. That’s my hypothesis anyway. Here’s a great soundtrack from a real movie (Lucy) that works really well as a deep work soundtrack as well. 


“… you have to reflect on your learning to really process it” is probably the most profound comment I’ve heard this week. So simple, so true. Of note is the blog style video that is more than just “how to put on make-up” or “how to mode your Honda Civic.” 

 This form of communication allows you to experience life through the lens of another with complete psychological safety.  

TU Delft TV is just one of many great glimpses into the academic world of brilliant minds at play.

 The collision of two industries sparking innovation. 

More videos from TU Delft TV

A short, and to the point visualization of the GV style Sprint process. It really does distill the book to it’s essence, but if you’re serious about using this method or modifying it to your own needs, you should read or listen to the full book as well.

My favorite RGQ of the week ” If I told you that you had to leave the project your on right now, how would you feel? Here’s why it’s good.

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