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Get your learn on

There are MOOCs for miles these days and the courses are as diverse as your grandmothers 40-year-old spice collection. If Think101x: The Science of Everyday Thinking is as interesting as this video makes it appear, I imagine I’ll binge my way through it in just a few weeks.

Here’s how to enroll if you are interested https://www.edx.org/course/the-science-of-everyday-thinking

Profound Giggles
There is a lot of truth in this comic. Somehow, laughing at the process makes it a little easier to navigate.
Design Thinking Framework

My boss turned me on to this site and variation of Design Thinking. I really appreciate seeing others take Design Thinking principles and modifying them to their situations. You can learn a lot from the small tweaks between your the various dialects of the same design language.

Affinity Mapping as Solo Activity

Critical Thinking

The Baloney Detection Kit: Carl Sagan’s Rules for Bullshit-Busting and Critical Thinking
Every now and then I’m reminded why I love BrainPickings.com so much. The content is curated beautifully, the notes and perspectives pure and authentic and I’m almost always challenged with a new perspective worth considering.

GSD Tool

https://www.notion.so falls firmly in the “yet another to-do tool” category. This one stands out a bit for the fresh approach they used for the User Experience. It’s fast paced, easy to navigate and not unlike using Slack, on a Mac, with a few mods to tamper the geekdom. 100% worth checking out the free version if you need to Get Shit Done G.S.D.

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