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Books, podcast, videos and inspired thoughts from the week that was.
Thought Starters

Think with Google – I’m intrigued by the idea of thought starters. The method of sharing something with the intent of kickstarting and idea or sparking a “what if” question. But, without the formalness of a lesson or the Youtubeness of a video.

Bonus: I love the way that Google shows your status is shown as you scroll in the top navigation area. Very clever and a subtle, yet effective, means of gamification.


Loonshots : How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries

I’m obsessed with moonshot ideas that don’t just move the needle but make it spin! Loonshots – is the next book in my read/listen to list and I can’t wait to get into it.

social media worth following

I just love the way that Mark Twain boiled deep thoughts down into high proof shots of wisdom. Long dead, he’s probably the best thing on Twitter to date https://twitter.com/MarkTwain

Virtual Reality

https://floreotech.com/ is using VR to improve the lives of children with Autism. How cool is that? The potential for VR to assist, engage, inspire, generate awe, and help those with challenges and disabilities is a profound relationship for users and creators.

A fantastic talk from a guy who learned to embrace his limitations in the name of creativity. Sometimes, it makes more sense to “make the box smaller” than it does to “get outside the box.” Another angle on this is that our limitations can be turned into our superpowers. If you grow up blind, there’s a good chance that you can hear better than the rest of us. If you are dyslexic (I am) you find the tools, tech, cheats and hacks that compensate for that with that, you find creative ways of doing things that others would never think of.

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