Paint me a picture with this crayon – A riff on the #Reskill movement

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I have a lot of conversations about reskill/upskill with well-intentioned leaders. But there is a large gap in the roadmap to an upskilled workforce that seems to be either underappreciated or just overlooked.

The Gap

New skills often require new tools that are not approved for all job types/roles. The folks who are embracing the challenge set forth by their leaders are getting turned away at the door because they don’t have the right title, job description or manager support. And, these are the brave ones who are modeling the behaviors we want.

Really Good Questions (RGQs)

  • How can everyone learn to code if they can’t install the software and tools they need to write code and test the output?
  • How can we create psychological safety around “going for it” if people are always worried that they are breaking the rules?
  • How do we support a growth/intrapleural mindset if we don’t feed employees a steady diet of tools, tech, opportunity, support and celebration of intelligent risk?
  • Should a carpenter pick up electrical skills and do projects using his hammer and saw?

I think it’s important to remember that “reskilling” often requires new tools that may not be in their current job description. Facilitating people with the tech and tools then need to craft the new skills they’ll need for their future roles is a prerequisite to progress.

Where to start?

  • Let’s ditch the “IT approved” list of tech and tools per title and have real conversations about who gets what, and why?
  • Let’s facilitate those who are taking the challenge and invest in the ones who are modeling the behaviors we want to see.
  • How can we make it not just “okay” to do something bigger and beyond your stated job title, and to celebrate that act of taking action?

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