The thing about 2020

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When I was a kid, I took my sister’s batting gloves in the basement to play with, and our Lhasa Apso dog (Isac named after the bartender on Love Boat) chewed them into a thousand pieces.

It wasn’t long before my sister found them, my Dad found out, and I got grounded for the first time in my life. Honestly, I hadn’t thought about it in decades until I started wondering what we’ll think of 2020 in a decade or two from now. Chances are, not much. It’ll be a memory that fades and one of those strange things our grandkids have to ask us about for a school project. But the pain and discomfort of it all will fade away. Just like mosquito bites heel, broken hearts mend, and “the worst day of our lives” are forgotten as the world around us continues to move on.

And, from this year, several amazing things will happen. A decade from now, many of us will say, “I don’t think I’d change the past if I could”

There are, of course, those of us who met tragedy in 2020, and this thought may not apply. But for the vast majority of us lucky enough to be delt meer discomfort and may well be the catalyst to a better version of #TeamHumans

Happy New Year, and welcome to the rest of your life.

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