Paper, Ink and Glue

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Almost every book is created from the same materials, paper, ink, and glue. Yet, some books sell for more money than others. Why is that?

You could argue that it’s the authors’ name on the cover of the book or the publisher’s ability to put the book in front of consumers. Both are true, and both are an earned outcome. The materials are still paper, ink, and glue. Your ability to transform paper, ink, and glue into shared knowledge, feelings, and a story worth consuming is the difference. Authors didn’t always have name value, and publishers were just startup companies at some point.

Doing the work is to have something to add to those materials that will add value to the next person to see it and make them want to share it with others.

Everyone starts with the same blank page and adds value that transforms the materials into art. Into something that makes someone feel something. Something that makes them smarter. Something that inspires them to be better.

So what can you do with your trade’s raw materials that will make your product worth more than the cost of production? How can you take the same raw materials and make them more valuable?

How can you create once and share infinitely? (RGQ)

When everyone has wood, nails, and a hammer, what makes your structure more valuable?
When anyone can create a podcast and share it with the world, what makes your podcast worth listening to?
When you have the same job title as a group of co-workers, what makes you unique and indispensable?

We live in a world where barriers to entry are no long motes around your trade.

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