It might be time for Gamification and Social Learning

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Here’s a hot take:

I think the timing might be right for #socialLearning and “little g” #GamificationofLearning. But, even more importantly, a small team could craft a Test-and-Learn portfolio on the cheap and de-risk it for validation quickly.

Here’s the Red Team argument opposing it:

Most companies are so invested in their systems (mostly LMS) that they’d have to explore an additional platform focused on #digitaltransformation digital transformation to pull it off. The historical load and integration process remains daunting and expensive.

Here’s how the obstacle is the way:

Using an isolated platform would diversify the Systems Portfolio minimizing the impacts of second-order effects and optimizing for learner experience. High potential + Low Risk.

Here’s why it matters:

Reduced workforces and the lingering need for true digital transformation remain linchpins for high-performing teams and organizations post-pandemic. “At you” learning is ineffective, while social learning facilities debate, innovation, and purpose. Simply put, teams that learn together perform together.


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